Grouped Product Price

Modified on Thu, 21 Mar 2024 at 01:43 PM

M2E Pro lists Magento Grouped Product as a Single Item on the Channel by default. At any time, you can change the settings and list the Grouped Product as a Multi-Variational one under:

Magento 1: System > Configuration > M2E Pro > General > Variational Product Settings

Magento 2: Stores > Configuration > Settings >M2E Pro> Interface&Magento Inventory > Variational Product Settings

  • Product Set - a group of Products will be listed as a Set (Individual Item). Customers can purchase products only as a set. 

  • Variations - a group of Products will be listed as a Variational Item. Customers can purchase each option of Variational Product separately.

Here is an overview of basic price settings in Selling Policy:

Variation Price settings in Selling Policy do not affect the final price of a Simple Product. They are relevant for a Bundle Product only.


As for Amazon and Walmart, you can adjust the initial Price source value using the Price Change field. In this field, you provide an amount/percent value you want to increase/decrease the final Channel Price for. Add the “+” or “-” sign to the provided value depending on whether you need to increase or decrease the price.

In the Price Change field, you can also specify the Currency rate value by which the final Amazon/Walmart price will be multiplied.

Using a particular Grouped Product as an example, we will figure out how to calculate its price submitted to Channels depending on different Selling Policy settings and the way the product is listed:

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