Image is not displayed in eBay search results

Modified on Wed, 12 Jul 2023 at 05:40 PM

eBay requires its sellers to upload at least one image per listing and allows including up to 12 images with no fee. 

Products without pictures are less likely to attract buyers and will negatively affect listing visibility in search results. Thus, it is crucial to ensure the image you provide via M2E Pro is accessible and complies with eBay picture requirements so it is successfully displayed on the Channel. 

If gallery images fail to appear on the Channel, most likely, eBay is not able to fetch the picture you provided. In this case, you will see an eBay error ‘Your listing is successful but there's a problem with your Gallery picture’.

Here are the reasons eBay might not fetch your picture:

  • image is only available via HTTPS protocol on your site;
  • the URL on localhost/development host is not available outside the network;
  • .htaccess settings which give access to images are forbidden;
  • there are some network issues.

Apart from these reasons, there also may be issues with the eBay image hosting server. For example, if it is overloaded, it may decline some requests.

To resolve the issue, try the following:

1) Go to the Fix your Gallery picture page in your Seller Center, and click the Create button.

You may also access this page by clicking on the link and pasting your eBay Item ID instead of "xxxxxx..." symbols.

2) Stop the item and List it again via M2E Pro.


Running the Stop action will cause a loss of the item’s sales history.


Use the List action, not Relist one, as image settings are updated along with List action only.

3) Configure the Gallery type settings in M2E Pro Description Policy (eBay > Configuration > Policies > Description Policy > Upgrade Tools). Make sure to choose the Gallery picture option:

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