eBay Item Specifics in M2E Pro

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What are Item Specifics and why they are important?

Item specifics are characteristics of a product such as brand, size, color, type, model, and so on. They are used to describe your items to buyers and help them find your products. 

Item specifics are required in some eBay categories. Even if you sell products in other categories, it’s a good idea to add as much Item Specifics to your listings as you can. And here are some of the major reasons to do it:

  • Item specifics guarantee items’ visibility within other offers in search results. The more accurate are item specifics, the more chances your listings have to be found on eBay. Moreover, item specifics work as keywords that make items easy to find in Google search.
  • Items Specifics serve as a short product description. If a buyer is in a hurry they will prefer to quickly scan specifics rather than read long text descriptions. 
  • eBay often updates required specifics. It’ll save you time if any of them become Required in the future.

eBay monitors the keywords by which buyers search for items. Based on the information, eBay updates item specifics, to increase listings visibility.


You can read about the latest item specifics requirements here.

How to update Specifics via M2E Pro?

You can update Item specifics individually for each product in a Listing.  For that, switch to Settings View Mode, choose the needed item, and select the Categories&Specifics action from the Action menu, then click Submit.

To edit a Specifics Set applied to a group of Products, please go eBay > Configuration > Categories, click View on a category and set Item Specifics.

Required Specifics are marked with a small red star, so you can easily differentiate them.


It’s important to define all the required specifics. Otherwise, your products may not be listed on eBay.

To add/change a specific, you need to choose a mode and value for them.

  • eBay Recommended – eBay recommends certain characteristics for your product. Choose the most appropriate one from the drop-down menu.
  • Custom Value – allows you to manually type information about your product rather than choosing from a list. 
  • Custom Attribute – use the value from a Magento attribute for each product.


According to eBay requirements, the standard maximum length for the value of an item specific is 65.


M2E Pro regularly updates the eBay Categories data on the server. Once eBay makes some of the Specifics required or adds new Specifics, the changes will be added to the extension as well.

However, to let these changes be applied to your account, it’s important to keep eBay marketplaces information up to date.

For that, please go to eBay > Configuration > Marketplaces and click Update Now.

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