How to set eBay categories from custom attribute

Modified on Thu, 28 Dec, 2023 at 2:11 PM

When adding a Magento Product to M2E Pro Listing, you have to assign an appropriate eBay category to it. One of the possible options is to choose a Magento Attribute as a source for the eBay category. 

In order to set the eBay category from a custom attribute, follow the next steps:

Step 1. Create a new product attribute in Magento or use an existing one.

Step 2. Enter a valid numeric ID of the eBay category as the Product Attribute value.

For example, you want to set this eBay category for your Product: Home & Garden > Furniture > Chairs (54235). So, you enter its numeric ID “54235” as the Product Attribute value.


To find out the valid numeric ID of the eBay category, go to eBay’s Sitemap page and locate the required category. Click on the category and copy its ID from the browser’s URL:


You can also use the ID of a particular eBay Store category as the Product Attribute value. To see the category ID list of your eBay Store, navigate to eBay Integration > Accounts > select Account > eBay Store > Categories. Select the category you need from the Category Tree, and its ID will be displayed in the Category ID field.

Click the Refresh button on that same page to re-synchronize eBay store categories in case they have been changed on eBay.

If you are an owner of an eBay Store, please fill in an eBay Store Category section as well. Otherwise, Products will be listed in the “Other” category automatically.

Step 3. When configuring the Product category, select the relevant Magento Attribute as a source for the eBay category. Click Confirm to save the changes.

Step 4. Provide the necessary Item Specifics.

eBay categories usually have a default Item Specifics set. But if an eBay category is set to be taken from a Magento Attribute, you have to indicate the Item Specifics manually from scratch, including name and value.


Click here to learn more about configuring Item Specifics in M2E Pro.

If you correctly enter both the ID of the eBay category and all Item Specifics, then list the Product on eBay, it will be displayed in an appropriate category.

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