Setting Amazon List Prices in M2E Pro

Modified on Wed, 06 Sep 2023 at 12:17 PM

Starting June 30, 2023, Amazon makes it mandatory for sellers to provide List Price information for certain offers on the US marketplace. Learn what exactly is Amazon List Price, the requirements for setting this price, and how to indicate List Prices for your products using M2E Pro.

What is Amazon List Price

Amazon List Price, also known as Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) or Recommended Retail Price (RRP), is the price at which a manufacturer or brand suggests selling their product to customers. Amazon uses List Prices to show customers the potential cost savings.

Adding a List Price helps when you plan to sell an expensive product at a substantial discount. Not only does it help buyers determine if they are getting a great deal, but it also leads to more informed purchase decisions. The buyers get the products they need at a reasonable price while you receive a boost in sales.

Requirements for setting List Prices

Amazon's new requirement for sellers to include List Prices with certain offers doesn't affect your present listings. However, when editing an existing Amazon listing or creating a new one, you must supply this information for product types that involve List Prices. Here you can review the complete list of product types affected by the change.

Once you specify the List Price on Amazon, it becomes the Recommended Retail Price for your product. If you attempt to lower or raise the product's price at a later time, your listing may be automatically deactivated due to a potential pricing error, or you might lose the Buy Box.

That’s why you should carefully consider whether to include the List Price in your listings and what value to assign. If you don't have an existing List Price, try indicating the original price at which you first offered the product. Alternatively, you can input a value of 0 to show that no List Price is available for the product.

To ensure accuracy for customers, Amazon validates List Prices through comparison with recent sales history and external competitor prices. If the price doesn't meet the validation requirements, Amazon’s listing will remain active without the List Price information.

How to provide List Prices using M2E Pro

For existing ASIN/ISBN

You can set Amazon List Price for items listed under existing ASIN/ISBNs in Selling Policy. Navigate to Amazon Integration > Configuration > Policies, then select the existing Selling Policy or add a new one. 

Go to the Price section and specify the List Price Attribute (excluding tax). Select the source for your List Price and save the changes.

M2E Pro will submit the List Price information during the Revise action. The List Price will appear on the product page once Amazon verifies it.


You can set Amazon List Price per Product Type if you list the item under a new ASIN/ISBN. Navigate to Amazon Integration > Configuration > Product Types, then select the existing Product Type or add a new one. 

Go to the Offer section and specify the List Price (excluding tax) in the dedicated field. Enter your custom value or choose Magento Attribute as a source for List Price value. Then, indicate the List Price Currency and save the changes. 

Once Amazon verifies the List Price information, it will be added to all items that use this Product Type.

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