Listing the same Magento Product under multiple ASIN(s)/ISBN(s)

Modified on Fri, 29 Sep, 2023 at 9:02 PM

M2E Pro allows you to list the same Magento Product on Amazon under different ASIN(s)/ISBN(s). This may come in handy in the following cases:

  • to sell the same Magento Product as MFN and AFN items at once

  • to separate Amazon sales and Magento store ones.

To list a Product under several different ASIN(s)/ISBN(s) on Amazon, you need to ensure that each version of the Product has a unique SKU. Product SKU is a key identifier that links your Product to the Amazon Listing.

If you attempt to list a Product under the SKU that already exists in your Amazon inventory, an error will be returned and a Product will not be listed.

For example, you have a Magento Product that you want to list twice under two different ASIN(s)/ISBN(s). The best practice here is to add this Product to two separate M2E Pro Listings. 

When setting up one of these Listings, make sure to configure your SKU settings accordingly. This is necessary to assign a different SKU to the same Product.

To edit the SKU settings of the existing Listing, click on the Edit Settings > Selling button on top of the Products grid.

You may choose one of three options for modifying the Product SKU:

This option allows you to take the SKU value from a Product ID or Magento Attribute. In this case, you have full control over the contents of the SKU value that will be displayed on Amazon.

In a separate field, you can enter a prefix or postfix that will be added at the beginning/at the end of the initial SKU value.

If you choose the Template option, a new SKU value will be generated based on the entered pattern. For example, if the initial product SKU is 123 and your modification template is %value%-567, the Amazon Item SKU will be 123-567.

The initial SKU value depends on the selected SKU source.

If this option is enabled, M2E Pro will generate a random SKU value for your Amazon item. It will also be of help in case the SKU of your Magento Product exceeds the Amazon limit of 40 characters.

This option is not as flexible as the previous two since you have no control over the contents of the generated SKU value.

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