How M2E Pro works if your Magento (Adobe Commerce) is multi-source

Modified on Fri, 10 Nov 2023 at 06:49 PM

The Extension fully supports Adobe Commerce Inventory Management functionality (formerly known as MSI). If Inventory Management is configured, M2E Pro will operate product Salable Quantity when submitting product data to Channels. Which Stock to use depends on the Magento Store View/Website you select in your M2E Pro Listing.


Inventory Management feature is enabled by default starting from Magento v2.3.0.

Magento Default Store View of the Main Website is strictly connected with the Default Stock and Source. If you create M2E Pro Listing per the Default Values Store View, please make sure that all Listing Products have available quantity in the Default Source. Otherwise, products cannot be listed on the Channels.

Watch this video to learn how to set M2E Pro if Magento Inventory Management feature is on.

M2E Pro tracks and logs all the events that may cause quantity changes in your multi-source Magento. Whenever you made the following:

  • assign a new Source to a product,
  • unassign Source from a product,
  • update product quantity per Source,
  • assign a Website used in M2E Pro Listing to a different Stock,
  • assign a different Source to a Stock used for Listing Products.

M2E Pro will catch these updates and synchronize quantity changes to Channels. Let's see how M2E Pro processes the Channel sales in your Magento multi-store environment.

Once a sale occurs, M2E Pro reserves the product amount from the relevant Magento Stock. The product quantity available on the Channel will be recalculated based on the Stock updates. Prior to creating a Magento Order, M2E Pro releases its reservation. The mechanism allows keeping the Magento Product amount per your Channel sale. You will see the relevant messages in the Logs.

When a Magento Order is placed, the multi-source Magento module reserves product quantity by itself. It decreases product Salable Quantity from the Stock. At this point, the physical product amount in Source remains untouched. Only after a Shipment is created Magento deducts product Quantity from the Source. Magento reservation actions and factual product quantity updates will be reflected in the Listing Product logs.

When creating a Shipment, M2E Pro calls to Source Selection Algorithm. It defines from which Sources the order items are better to be delivered. If there are several suggested Sources, M2E Pro will create multiple Shipments: one Shipment per one Source.

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