M2E Pro data migration from Magento v1.x to Magento v2.x

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The article is valid for the data migration from the latest M2E Pro versions on Magento 1 and Magento 2.

When we talk about the Migration to Magento 2, we mean Magento data migration and M2E Pro data migration. These are two different processes that should be performed separately.

Magento migration goes first. At this stage, all M2E Pro tables should be ignored in order not to be moved along with Magento data. Right after your Magento data is fully transferred, you can start migrating your M2E Pro.


Migration is an automated process, yet it requires technical skills and minimal manual actions from a performer. Please check our Migration Guide or a video tutorial before proceeding.


If you are still worried about how the migration process will go, why don’t you try it on first? You can find instructions on how to run test Migration in our article

When you launch M2E Pro data migration (see Step 1 of the Migration Guide), M2E Pro on Magento v1.x becomes disabled, all updating processes completely stop. It is done intentionally, with the purpose to eliminate the issues of double data synchronization from both M2E Pro on Magento v1.x and Magento v2.x after the switch. 


It is recommended to create a backup of M2E Pro data in case you need to restore it in Magento v1.x. Once you confirm the migration running, the process cannot be stopped.

M2E Pro Migration tool will automatically prepare the Module database on Magento v1.x for the migration. All the data will be saved, including your Channel Sales, Product and Order logs, Scheduled and In Progress actions, M2E Pro Accounts, Policies, Listings, and other configurations. It can take up to 15 minutes to complete the process. Then, you need to create a dump of the M2E Pro database in Magento v1.x (see Step 2 of the Migration Guide).

After you move the Module database dump from Magento v1.x to Magento v2.x, the Migration Tool will unpack and validate it automatically. All Identifiers (Products, Orders, Attributes/Attribute Sets, Website/Store View, etc.) from the M2E Pro Magento v1.x database will be adapted to the Magento v2.x environment.

Once you complete the Migration Wizard, you can start using your M2E Pro on Magento v2.x (see Step 3 of the Migration Guide).


Please note that starting from Magento v2.3.0, Magento Multi-Source Inventory is enabled by default. M2E Pro works with it as described here.


If you stick to single-source inventory management, you might consider disabling MSI mode in Magento v2.x.


If the Domain/API of your Magento is changed after the migration, you should get a new M2E Pro Extension Key to ensure correct data synchronization.


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