Testing M2E Pro on Magento 2 while using Magento 1

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In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to prepare for the test M2E Pro on Magento 2 and explain the data migration from Magento 1 without disrupting your current synchronization. Please note that the process requires technical skills. You can consult your developers if you need it.


The migration process can be performed from the latest M2E Pro versions for Magento 1

and Magento 2.


During testing, there's no need to disable the Module or initiate migration manually from your Magento via the "Proceed" button under the Migration tab. This button triggers the actual migration, not the test.

Step 1: Transfer Magento 1 Database to Magento 2

In your Magento 1 setup, start by creating a database dump that includes all tables with the 'm2epro_' prefix. This dump should contain both the table structure and data.


 You can use commands like 'mysqldump' or the options available in the "phpMyAdmin" utility.

Proceed to import the created database tables dump from your Magento 1 setup into your Magento 2 platform.

Step 2: Data Adaptation and Configuring Synchronization

After transferring the database, navigate to Magento 2 Admin panel > M2E Pro eBay/Amazon/Walmart Integration. In this section, you will encounter Step 2 of the Migration Wizard

Here, set the "Disable M1 Synchronization" option to "No" and then click "Continue." This modification ensures that the synchronization on Magento 1 remains active.

Step 3: Finalizing Configuration

In Step 3, set the "Enable M2 Synchronization" option to "No" and then click "Complete."

    That's it! You can now explore Magento 2 functionality and verify how your data was transferred.


To continue working with Magento 2, you'll need to adjust the synchronization process:

    - In Magento 1, navigate to System > Configuration > M2E Pro > Module & Channels > Module > 
    click "Disable" for "Automatic Synchronization."

    - In Magento 2, navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration > M2E Pro > Module & Channels > Module > 
    click "Enable" for "Automatic Synchronization."


If you don't need to test Magento 2, you can proceed directly with the full migration process. 
Check out our Migration Guide or watch a detailed video tutorial for assistance.

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