System Requirements for Maximum Execution Time and Memory Limit

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What is Maximum Execution Time and Memory Limit?

Values of execution time and memory limit define the resources available on your web server. Any system running on the web server requires a certain amount of execution time and memory to operate. You must be aware that all of the systems and their modules installed on one server share the same web server resources. The more applications are running, the greater resources are required.

Technically, max_execution_time is a directive that defines how long a PHP script can work.

With regard to M2E Pro, maximum execution time is how long a single synchronization run can last. If the time resource is low, the automatic synchronization may timeout. You will see ‘memory exhausted’ and ‘execution time exceeded’ errors if the resources in your system are not sufficient to complete a synchronization task. 

For proper work of automatic M2E synchronization, the extension must be installed in the environment where the resources are not lower than the following:

- on Magento 1 memory limit 512 MB;

- on Magento 1 max execution time 360 sec;

- on Magento 2 memory limit 768 MB;

- on Magento 2 max execution time 360 sec.

Most shared hosting servers may have parameters of maximum execution time and memory limit set to quite low default values, e.g. max execution time set to 30 sec. We advise you to set the values high enough for M2E and other applications to run smoothly.

How to increase Maximum Execution Time and Memory Limit?

The most preferred way would be contacting your hosting provider company. The hosting company will confirm that the requested time and memory resources are available for your system.

If you have access to PHP configuration files on the server, you can edit the limits set for memory and execution time in php.ini file. Importantly, the set parameters can be overwritten. Even though the default php configurations are adjusted in php.ini file, other server settings can have control over them. For example, settings in .htaccess file can restrict the values specified in php.ini file.

To make sure certain values of maximum execution time and memory limit are available in your system, you need to confirm:

- the requested resources are provided by your web hosting company;

- the configuration limits are set to the correct values in PHP configuration file;

- the set values are not overwritten by other settings of your web server.

How to check Maximum Execution Time and Memory Limit?

If you want to check and test the configuration values of your server, navigate to: 

- System Requirements block of the M2E Pro Help Center (Magento 1)

- Health Status tab of the Help Center section (Magento 2)

eBay/Amazon/Walmart Integration > Help Center > Health Status > Dashboard

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