Boosting the time for a single synchronization run

Modified on Thu, 11 Jul at 3:48 PM

For the uninterrupted work of M2E Pro synchronization, it is important to ensure that sufficient time for a single synchronization run is available in your Magento PHP. In some cases, a single synchronization run can last longer than 360 sec (the minimum requirement), this is why it is important to ensure that the time resource of your environment is properly adjusted.

To boost time for a single synchronization run, please try the following:

1. M2E Pro synchronization runs based on the time configuration set in your Magento PHP (php.ini or .htaccess). That’s why you need to increase the value of Maximum Execution time on the hosting and within your Magento. Read more in our article about Maximum Execution Time.

2. After the Maximum Execution time values are changed, please reset the webserver. The initially set configuration values may be used until the services are reset.

3. If PHP is running using the FastCGI module on your web server it may override execution time settings in php.ini or .htaccess files. If there are additional FastCGI settings, you need to review all the directives in your FastCGI configuration which can possibly affect the time settings in Magento. Paying attention to the following ones:

- request_terminate_timeout

- FcgidBusyTimeout 

- FcgidIdleTimeout 

- FcgidIOTimeout etc. 

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