Set up Magento Cron for M2E Pro

Modified on Thu, 21 Sep, 2023 at 11:04 AM

M2E Pro uses its own Cron Service that manages the synchronization process. Please, read more about data communication via the M2E Pro server and why automatic synchronization is required.

However, if you want to set up Magento Cron to run M2E Pro Cron tasks, you should follow the instructions below.

  • For Magento v 1:

Command PHP:  php -q /%PATH_MAGENTO_ROOT_CATALOG%/cron.php -mdefault 1


Command GET:  GET http://%YOUR_DOMAIN%/cron.php

  • For Magento v 2:
1. Open your command line interface. Enter the following command to edit the crontab:
crontab -u <your_username> -e
Replace <your_username> with the actual server username with permission to edit crontab.

2. Add the following line to the crontab, which schedules Magento's cron job to run:
* * * * * php /your_magento_root_directory/bin/magento cron:run
Save the changes and exit the editor. Please note that the Magento root directory and PHP path can differ depending on your system adjustments.

To implement this command, you should be in the directory on the server where you set up your Magento instance.


It is strongly recommended to set up Cron to run every 1 minute (e.g. * * * * *). Please check this post (true for all versions).


If automatic synchronization still doesn't work, read this article for the solution.

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