Scheduled actions

Modified on Fri, 20 Jan 2023 at 05:55 PM

M2E Pro is designed to keep your Magento data in sync with the Channels, always staying up-to-date. It automatically identifies changes made and compares them against synchronization rules you have set - ensuring only valid updates are applied.

Product modifications can be ranked according to importance; urgent actions like Stop or Revise tend to come first, while lesser ones such as Listing and Relisting will follow after they've been handled. In this way, M2E Pro streamlines the process of keeping product information accurate.


M2E Pro eliminates server overload and errors with smart scheduling of its processing actions. It's designed to comply with the unique throttling limits set by Amazon, Walmart, and eBay - so you never have to worry about exceeding maximum API requests again.

When your Sync Rules are met, the Product is marked with a special label of 'Action Scheduled'. This is to help you stay on top of any inventory updates in the Listing Grid. Think of this label as a reminder so you can be up-to-date. 


The scheduled action cannot be canceled; however, it can be replaced with another action if the previous one is not relevant.

After the scheduled action is taken into processing, its label is changed to Action in Progress.


Action in progress cannot be interrupted unless it is completed; otherwise, you will encounter the ‘Another action is being processed. Try again when the Action is completed’ error.


When making updates, manual actions take precedence over automatic ones. If both manual and automatic edits are made to the same item at once, the manual action will be chosen for processing while the automatic action is suppressed.

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