Plug-in for the Magmi Import Tool

Modified on Tue, 30 May 2023 at 11:56 AM

M2E Pro is developed to work based on core Magento functionality, meaning the Module correctly identifies all of the product updates made through the Magento interface and synchronizes them on the Channel accordingly. In case 3rd party modules are used to update such information as Product Quantity, Price, status, etc. in Magento, then programmatic adjustments are required to ensure that the product updates are caught by M2E Pro. 

Magmi Import tool provides product changes via direct SQL injections (i.e. not through the standard Magento functionality). M2E Pro plug-in for Magmi Import Tool allows notifying the Module to reflect such product updates correctly.

Upgrade your M2E Pro to the latest version prior to installing the plug-in for Magmi tool. It provides the compatibility between your Module and the latest plug-in version.

If you have any questions, please contact the Support Team at

To set up the tool, please complete the following steps:

Step 1. Please download the latest plug-in version.

Step 2. Unpack the downloaded zip archive into the Magmi root directory. The M2E Pro plug-in option will appear within the Magmi interface:
Configure Current Profile > Itemprocessors > Common section

Step 3. Select the M2E Pro plug-in option and save the Profile changes.

:warning:  Note that you must enable the M2E Pro plug-in within Magmi Profile you are using for the data import.

If the M2E Pro plug-in is installed properly, the Magmi tool will keep a log of product updates. You will notice a message similar to the one below:

plugin;M2eProChangesCatcher;std:Ess M2ePro Product Changes Inspector v x.x.x 

- Will be checked 15677 products. 

plugin;M2eProChangesCatcher;std:Ess M2ePro Product Changes Inspector v x.x.x 

- Not presented (skipped): 15664 ## Existed (skipped): 0 ## Processed: 13. 

The relevant product changes will also be reflected in 'm2epro_listing_product_instruction' table.

When the plug-in is enabled, M2E Pro catches product changes that trigger the automatic List, Relist, Stop, Price/Quantity Revise actions according to Synchronization Policy Rules.

After you upgrade your M2E Pro, it is important to ensure that the existent plug-in version is still compliant with the Extension. Please check the latest plug-in version at this link. Then, compare the available version with the one you have installed in the Magmi tool:

If they are different, please follow the steps above to update the plug-in.

If you are using M2E Pro plug-in for Magmi Import tool, the Track Direct Database Changes feature is not required. It is recommended to disable the 'Track Direct Database' option. It allows using your Magento resources more efficiently.

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